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Five Free Apps To Improve E-commerce Conversions

Looking to improve conversions on your e-commerce store? When starting out its hard to know where you should focus your efforts, what apps to use or even which will help boost the chances of converting a sale. From my experience (and lots and lots of research) there are five basic features your website should have to maximise your conversions.

#1 Reviews

Review is king, and goes a long way to establishing trust, showing credibility and gaining buy-in with your visitors. Ideally capturing reviews on Google or Facebook and exposing them on your store will help your SEO rankings, but requires coding your pages.

Judge Me Product Reviews freemium version allows you to send out automated emails that let people review the product they purchased. There are limitations however, such as not being able to adjust the content of the email or apply branding, but fit for purpose if you are just starting out and watching the pennies.

While these may be hard to get for a new store, you can encourage purchases to leave reviews by offering special discounts, freebies or entering them into your monthly 'review' draw.

#2 Sales Pop-up

While these can seem annoying,... they do work as people will be more likely to purchase if they think other people are too. Social proof online is really important. These pop up in the bottom left hand corner of the website when someone has recently made an order.

While there are many on the market, one 'Sales Pop Up I Social Proof' has worked for me, you can select which products pop-up, how often and for how long, and it even tells you the statistics of how many times visitors interacted with the app. Best of all, its free.

# 3 Trust Badges

While Shopify has many great features, and allows you to show PayPal Express, or Apple Pay, it does have the limitation in that you cannot show all the different form of payments you accept on your product page. This poses the risk that visitors may turn away thinking you only support PayPal or AfterPay for example. Adding logos of payment options like Visa, Credit Card, AMEX to your product page will help conversions. Ultimate Trust badges matched all my customisation asks, size of logos, positioning etc.

# 4 Live Chat

When a customer visits your store, likes the look of your product but has a question about some of its features, unless they are very vested into buying your product, its unlikely they will go to the trouble of submitting their question on a contact form or phone you. This is where a chat bot that appears at the bottom right hand corner of your page, comes in handy so you can answer while you have the customer's attention. An app I found which seems to work well is Pure Chat - Live Chat Software, you can download it to your phone and have it alert you when someone asks a question. (in the spirit of honesty, I've found the real-time alerts don't work on my iPhone, and instead I get the questions as emails) which still works as I can at least followup later, without totally losing the customer.

# 5 Subscribe Pop-Up

If you're trying to build your subscriber list for marketing campaigns, then a pop-up is a great way to collect details. You can offer discounts and VIP club membership in return for people filling out their details. The MailMunch - Email Pop-up freemium version allows you to customise your pop-up and even integrates with MailChimp. There are some limitations like inability to add images, logos but stll handy as once your store is making enough, you can just pay for a subscription and not have to switch to a new one.

Disclaimer: These apps work for me, there may be alternatives that are better or worse, but regardless of which app you choose to use, you should have these five areas covered to help you optimise your online conversions.

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